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Customer Testimonials

Hello and Welcome to Our Customer Testimonials and Reviews.

At Mike’s Tree Service we say that “Your lasting impression is our first priority.” and it is true. We have had an amazing year and our customers are to thank for that and in more ways than one. It is through referrals and repeated business that we have earned our reputation for being the professionals to call for all things related to tree care. Customer satisfaction is always our top concern and we think it shows. Just take a look at what some of our customers are saying about us in the section below. You can also:

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"Super impressed and pleased with the service and level of professionalism"

Super impressed and pleased with the service and level of professionalism Mike and his crew provided. My trees look great and they left my yard cleaner than it was before they started the job. The job was completed as promised and in a timely manner and I was surprised at how affordable it was. I have already referred them and will gladly do so many times over. Thank you for going above and beyond to make your customers happy!

Juli Shipp

"They were a pleasure to work with and did an excellent job"

It is with no qualifications that I recommend Mike’s Tree Service. From Megan who scheduled the service to Mike and his entire crew – all were courteous, friendly and efficient. They arrived on time, did an excellent job of pruning and then cleaned up all of the debris. They even blew off my roof! They were a pleasure to work with and did an excellent job. How nice to work with such a professional team!

Cathy Maston

"Mike's crew came in with all the right equipment needed to do the job"

Mike’s Tree Service was hired by our neighbors to take out a large live oak in their back yard and were very pleased with the service and the overall job at was done. We ask Mike’s Tree Service to for a quote to trim several large live oak trees around our house to clear a number of overhanging branches protruding over over roof and blocking our solar panels. We also needed several large branches trimmed that were overhanging into our yard from our neighbors backyards.

Mike and his crew came in with all the right equipment needed to do the job and trimmed all the branches back as requested and directed to our satisfaction. His team was courteous, well mannered and polite as they worked on our project and as our almost 4-year old grandson looked on and supervised. They made sure to take extra care when working in our neighbors trees and yards and do an excellent job of cleaning up once the job was completed. I would recommend Mike’s Tree Service to anyone needing tree work done.

Thanks: Mike’s Tree Service

James Fox

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"I cannot commend the crew of Mike’s enough, for their compassion for animals in trouble"

This winter, my cat Dex, who is an indoor cat due to having only one good eye, got loose outside. She was feeling the call of the wild, if you know what I mean. Apparently, she got more wild than she was expecting, because when we finally found her, she was about 12 feet up the big oak tree in our front yard. We got the 12′ ladder to get her, but she spooked from the metallic noise and climbed up to the next branch up, about 18 feet high. It was cold but dry so we figured she would find her way down by morning. 

Next morning we checked the tree to find Dex shivering on the same branch. We called some friends who had an extension ladder.They came by, placed the ladder, climbed up and grabbed Dex, who did not care at all for the attention. While climbing down the ladder with Dex hanging by the nape, she starting struggling, snagged the ladder and shot back up the ladder onto the tree. This time she kept going until she was sitting fifty feet up on a 3 inch wide branch.

Again we figured that the best course was to let her come down by herself so we left her alone. That night however, it was cold and started to rain, and kept raining all night and all through the next day. We were very concerned now for her safety so upon the advise of a friend called Mike’s Tree Service.

They came out promptly that morning, appraised the situation, set up and raised the boom to get the cat. Dex spooked again at the sound and sight of the boom and moved higher, onto a 2 inch branch about 10 feet higher up. The tree climber hooked up his safety lines and left the boom onto the tree. The cat, who apparently does not have a lick of sense, moved up into the finger branches out of reach of the climber.

Finally we caught a break. Dex’s position was so tenuous that she had to move down the branch where she was captured by the climber.He tied a line around her and lowered her down to the ground, where we caught her and hustled her inside the house. I cannot commend the crew of Mike’s enough, for their compassion for animals in trouble, their gutsiness up in the treetops, and their skill.

Two conclusions from this experience: first, if your cat gets up a tree, leave it alone. It will find its way down. Second, hire Mike’s tree Service!

Thanks, guys.

Steve Downs

"We would recommend them to anyone who needs a tree removed"

I called around and got several different quotes on the removal of a large black walnut tree and a little tree. Mike’s was the best. Several things impressed me with this company. The receptionist Megan was very friendly and informative. She explained that this company is one that believes in recycling. That was great. Plus they give the chips away to people who need it. I could go on. They came to my home and removed the tree in record time.

The tree was in the side yard with many branches hanging over the roof of our home. They got it all down without doing any damage to my roof. The crew were great and efficient. They cleaned up my yard where they did the work. He even did a little extra. My husband and I have referred Mike to several couples. One lives in our neighborhood. People stop and asked us who removed our tree and we tell them that Mike’s Tree service did. We would recommend them to anyone who needs a tree removed.

Susan Anderson

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"My hat is off to you guys"

This morning, Mike and his crew removed a large River Birch, ground the stump, and pruned 2 Crepe Myrtles for me. Mike and his crew were on time, went right to work, and finished the job in record time. They were totally professional and I am very pleased with the quality and value of the work. The entire work site was meticulously cleaned when they left.

I would recommend Mike’s company for anyone needing tree removal, pruning and stump grinding work. My hat is off to you guys.

Richard Bowman

"Left my yard even cleaner than what it was"

WOW!! What a great job. Your crew work so diligently and left my yard even cleaner than what it was – even you work like one of the crew. I am sure your crew love that! And your price!! It is sooo reasonable. I highly, highly, recommend your service to anyone.

John Aspiras

"I highly recommend them for all your tree care needs"

Excellent job!! They arrived early and were careful not to damage my other plants when taking down a large pear tree in my yard. They were kind and professional and cleaned up when they were done. I highly recommend them for all your tree care needs.

Sarah Noble

"Did an extremely thorough clean up of my property"

I used Mike’s Tree Service a few weeks ago and I was totally satisfied with the results and work accomplished. My wife and I could not be home when the job was done but when we returned Mike & Crew had been there and gone.

They not only completed the trimming of several wild trees in the backyard, but also had done an extremely thorough clean up of my property and all within a 2 hour period during our absence.

Payment was not demanded right on the spot and I dealt with Megan in the office several times who was very courteous and accommodating.

Thank you Mike and Staff for a job well done! I highly recommend your business and today I saw you doing work down the street at a neighbor’s home.

John Steadman

"I will definitely use this company again in the near future"

I was very pleased with Mike’s Tree Service and highly recommend them to anyone in need of tree removal or other services they provide. The company provided fast, efficient, and prompt service in the removal of three trees for me. Mike and the staff were courteous, friendly, and professional in every stage of the process.

They worked diligently to remove the trees and cleaned the area afterwards leaving nothing left for me to do except putting down grass seeds. The job was completed in a timely fashion but also very affordable. I will definitely use this company again in the near future.

Sylvester Smith

"I was blown away by the exceptional customer service I received"

I came upon Mike’s Tree Removal after a local competitor blew me off for an appointment scheduled for an estimate. I was blown away by the exceptional customer service I received from Megan in the office. Mike and his crew were all courteous. They arrived promptly and got the job done in the most efficient and meticulous manner. I would highly recommend them for tree removal services.

Thank you all!!!

Robin Horst

"Friendly, competent, no nonsense"

Don’t call anyone else. Friendly, competent, no nonsense. Mike and his crew take the extra time to do the job right…start to finish.

Danny Plante

"Worth every penny"

After buying property in Tidewater while living three hours away, I had reservations about dealing with workmen from such a distance, but from the beginning, my experience with Mike’s has been extremely positive. He was very professional during the estimate process and took care of all the permitting that was needed for my job (a huge relief to me).

On the job, he and his crew were very professional, took great care with my property, and cleaned up every day. Additionally, Megan in the office was most responsive in dealing with my phone calls and emails. He was a bit more expensive than other estimates that I got, but worth every penny. I highly recommend them.

Robin H

"I recommend them without reservation"

Dave and crew just left my house. I am totally happy with the price and quality of work. Very professional and know what they are doing. I recommend them without reservation.

Roy Davenport

"Look no further if you need tree work done"

Mike and his crew did a thoroughly professional job removing two mature palm trees from our rock garden. They took care of calling Miss Utility, showed up on time with the right equipment, exercised care in not damaging the surrounding landscape and cleaned up the debris. Mike even planted the replacements for us. Look no further if you need tree work done.

Chuck B

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"Mike’s Tree Service has earned my utmost endorsement and a lifetime customer"

Nothing speaks more to the character of people and a company than when something goes wrong as they will from time to time. Mike’s Tree Service came out gave me an estimate but did not complete the work as I requested. That is when they shone through admirably.

They double checked the site and returned to complete all the work, greatly exceeding all my expectations. There were no copouts or excuses just: we are going to make it right! During the interval we got constant updates from Megan in the office. Mike’s crew is an efficient team of friendly professionals who completed the job very quickly.

I was not billed until the work was completed to my satisfaction. With such competitive pricing, such professionalism, such consideration and such a determination to succeed Mike’s Tree Service has earned my utmost endorsement and a lifetime customer.

Ivan R. Lopez

"Very punctual, professional, and personable to work with"

On Dec. 4, 2015, Mike’s Tree Service removed a maple tree from my property and pruned limbs from an oak tree and a sweet gum tree. Mike Newell prepared the estimate and really was very knowledgeable about when the work should be completed and the impact of the pruning in the future.

His crew of 4 was very punctual, professional, and personable to work with. They worked as a well organized team and completed the work efficiently. They were respectful of my neighbor’s property and did an excellent job of cleaning up the debris.

I would definitely recommend their service and I plan to use them again in the future. Very reasonable and definitely professional! My thanks to Mike, his crew, and his very helpful and efficient receptionist.

Terry Carden

"They worked like a well-oiled machine"

The Mike’s crew removed a tree in Salem Lakes area for a friend of mine. I was the stand-by person. I am impressed with the smooth, effective, method the crew used to take down the oak tree.

They worked like a well-oiled machine. Their equipment was suitable and in very good condition. The operator of the stump grinder even blew stump-dust off the machine a few times during the job.

The cleanup was very thorough. The attitude of all the crew was business-like and positive.

I would recommend Mike’s to anyone considering tree removal. Should I need the service, I would contact Mike’s.

Don Crago

"I will be telling my friends and neighbors about your company"

Mike,Your crew came out on Wednesday to remove 2 trees and grind the stumps. They also did some pruning on several other trees. The crew did a excellent job. They all worked the entire time.

The foreman was polite and took time to answer all my questions. They cleaned everything up before they left. If you need any references please don’t hesitate to call. I will be telling my friends and neighbors about your company. Thanks again.

Gene Raines

"They went above and beyond cleaning up all the debris"

Mike and his crew did an outstanding job removing my tree. Very reasonable and professional. They went above and beyond cleaning up all the debris. I would highly recommend them.. Thanks Mike and all your crew!!

Brenda Ratcliffe

"I hardly ever leave reviews as I rarely have my expectations exceeded but..."

I hardly ever leave reviews as I rarely have my expectations exceeded but Mike and his team were excellent. They arrived early in the morning knocked out the removal in no time and cleaned up like they had never been there. My wife and I were extremely happy with the service and will be recommending Mike and his team to everyon.

Steve Kamarek

"Great,Great,Great Job"

Mike and his team removed 8 large trees around my house which posed a threat to my home and my neighbors,I was amazed,my whole neighborhood watched as he carefully removed all these trees in 95 degree heat,it was just unbelievable to watch him and his crew to work with such speed and with safety always his top priority.If you are looking for a professional tree service at a very reasonable price,look no further,I highly recommend Mike Tree Service,Great,Great,Great Job John

John R

"I am a happy customer and recommend Mike’s Tree Service"

Short version: I would recommend Mike’s Tree Service to my friends and family and I would use them again in the future.

Longer version: I called Mike’s Tree Service after Hurricane Matthew to remove a large limb dangling from an oak tree in my back yard. It was not dangerous, but it needed to come down. Understandably, after a hurricane tree businesses are swamped and Mike’s was but the ladies in the office worked with me to set up an appointment.

When Mike came out to do the estimate I asked him about the health and condition of some of my other trees. I wanted his opinion because he is an arborist. We planned to also take out a red cedar planted way too close to my house and trim other tree branches close to my house.

Getting the estimate went smoothly, Mike showed up within the window of time planned and I felt the amount was fair. I worked with the ladies in the office to schedule a time which also worked out well. When the crew of 7 came they were precise, fast, professional, and friendly.

Several limbs (one very large one) came off an oak tree, the 2 story high cedar came down, encroaching branches were trimmed, everything was ground up, and the area cleaned up and it was all done in less than an hour. I am a happy customer and recommend Mike’s Tree Service.

Beth in Virginia Beach

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